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How melt pump extrusion Maintenance?

  Batte melt pump extrusionp net Weapon "How a melt pump extrusionp repair"

  melt pump extrusionp in the course of the operation, failure is inevitable, then for how to repair some failures melt pump extrusionps it? Batte network melt pump extrusionp next to Weapon "melt pump extrusionp how repair"!

  1. Repair the pump housing chamber: the pump housing cavity wear, in general, casement law cavity repair, upcoming cavity Boring big set with cast iron or after the steel liner. After casement, lining the cavity 2, Seat repair: pressure limiting valve and plunger valves have two ball valves. After the spherical seat wear, a ball may be placed on the seat, and then gently tap the ball with a metal rod until the ball and seat snug. Such as seat wear serious, can be trimmed to grind hinge marks, then the law to make it close together. After the plunger seat wear and can add a little valve grinding sand until snug.

  3, pump cover repairs

  Repair work plane: if the pump cover working plane wear small, hand-grinding method can be used to eliminate signs of wear, that put a little sand valve on the platform or thick glass, and then placed on top of the pump cover is polished until eliminate signs of wear, work surface is flat so far. When the pump is working flat cover more than 0.1 mm wear depth, we should take the first turning milled way to repair.

  4, repair the driving shaft and bushing wear after

  After the melt pump extrusionp driving shaft and bushing wear, with the gap increases, bound to affect the fuel pump. In case of this, the method can be used to repair the driving shaft or bushing restore its normal with the gap. If the active shaft wear light, simply press out the old bushings and put standard size after the bush, with the gap can be restored to the permitted range. If the driving shaft and bushing wear serious and with the gap seriously overweight, not only to replace the bushings, and a drive shaft also apply chrome or vibration welding method will increase its diameter, and then grinding to a standard size, recovery and bushes The coordination requirements.

  5, the driving shaft bushing hole with the driven shaft bore wear repair: After driving shaft bushing bore wear, available reaming method to eliminate signs of wear, and is equipped with a corresponding increase to the size of the bush. Also driven shaft bore wear reaming method to eliminate signs of wear, and then press reaming holes after the actual size of the preparation of the driven shaft

  6, repair cracks in the housing repair oil pump housing

  Available crack cast housing 508 nickel-copper electrode welding. Weld must close and Yuan pores, combined with the pump cover face flatness error of less than 0.05 mm.

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