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How should melt pump inspection and maintenance?

1. daily inspection of the melt pump fasteners, such as: screws, etc. are loose, check the installation line interface and so on oil leakage.
2. check the oil seal, often clean oil seal, to prevent the impact of mechanical service life.
3. recommended the first full 500 hours after the replacement of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil replacement maximum period of 2000 hours, with air filter maximum replacement period of 500 hours.
4. to optimize the service life of hydraulic components, replace hydraulic oil and filter regularly.. Hydraulic pollution is the main cause of damage to hydraulic components.. Please keep hydraulic oil clean when daily maintenance and maintenance..
5.. Daily use should check the hydraulic oil level whether meet the requirements, and check the hydraulic oil water content and the presence of abnormal odor. Water hydraulic oil, the oil is cloudy or milky, or at the bottom of the oil tank water precipitation. The presence of foul oil in the presence of foul oil indicates that the temperature of hydraulic oil is too high.. When the above occurs, replace the hydraulic oil immediately, and find out the cause and solve the problem.. Daily attention to check whether the vehicle leakage.
6.during commissioning and operation, the axial melt pump element must be filled with hydraulic oil side by side net air. After stopping after a long time, the need for oil and exhaust operation, because the system may drain through the hydraulic pipeline.
7. pollution to the hydraulic components of the fatal damage, to ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the work environment clean. Please clean the pump or motor thoroughly before starting the maintenance or repair..

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