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Melt pump extrusion productivity features and role in social

  The melt pump extrusion productivity features and role in social development

  In human history, according to the use of different production tools can be divided into several stages of development productivity. From ancient times, from lower to higher productivity in turn experienced the era of hand tools (including the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age), steam era, the electrical era, and now into the electronic age (using computer-controlled automated production equipment) .

  1. High efficiency, accurate and detailed structural design, this series melt pump out a high volumetric efficiency and high mechanical efficiency.

  2. High reliability, light weight, compact and detailed.

  3. The advanced casting nature, to ensure stable and reliable performance.

  The high flow with low pressure vane pump combination consisting of high and low pressure pumps, rational use of primary energy and cost savings.

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  Productivity is the relationship between the nature of the people in the process of material production; human conquest and transformation of nature objective material force. Also known as the social productive forces.

  Productivity factor productivity is a complex system consists of workers, labor data, subject of labor and all other material and technical factors involved in social production and reproduction process posed.

  ① as a factor of production workers, including manual and involvement of the mental process of material production. At different stages of development of productive forces and production experience of workers, labor skills and knowledge, intellectual, cultural, technical training is different. In the social production, the mental proportion of all workers in the growing.

  ② of labor known as "means of labor," it is that people of all material information and material conditions in the labor process to change or affect the object of labor. ,, Chemical and even biological properties of labor workers use mechanical physical, play it as a means of force, acting on the object of labor to produce a certain product for human needs of society. Production tool is the main content of labor data. Labor data also includes the production of power systems, energy systems, transportation systems, automatic control and electrical-related information delivery system, the workplace and other ancillary items. Marx production tools metaphor for the production of "skeletal system" and "muscular system", the production of auxiliary object metaphor for the production of "vascular system."

  ③ object of labor, referring to what the production process to be processed. It is divided into two categories: one is the processing of natural objects without labor, and the other is the material processed through labor.

  The object of labor and labor data collectively production.

  That worker productivity features in the people, is the enabling factor productivity in their manufacture, use production tools to promote the production tools constantly updated. The labor factor productivity and labor that is material objects, marking the nature and level of development of productive forces, which restricts workers' experience in production and labor skills. Marx pointed out: "of labor is not only a gauge of human workforce development, and is an indicator of labor so as to carry out social relations" ("Collected Works of Marx and Engels," Vol. 23, p. 204).

  Science plays an important role in the development of productive forces. It comes from production practice, and continue to be applied to production practice, penetrated into all factors of workers, labor data, subject of labor, production management and other production go, into the material productive forces and promote the development of material productive forces and the improvement of labor productivity . So Marx said: "Productivity also include science" ("Collected Works of Marx and Engels," Vol. 46, Volume II, page 211).

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