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Note the use of melt pump extrusion and applications

  Note the use of melt pump extrusion and applications

  ① due to the cooling and lubricating bearings melt pump extrusion is being conveyed by the media, so the absolute prohibition empty dynamic change, while avoiding the middle of a power outage before starting work caused no load operation.

  ② is conveyed medium, if they contain solid particles to increase the pump inlet filter.

  ③ pump is in use, the ambient temperature should be less than 40 ℃, motor temperature rise should not exceed 75 ℃.

  ④ medium and its temperature should be delivered in a pump timber within the allowable range (see table). melt pump extrusion temperature of 100 ° -300 °, a particle size of not more than 30 × 10- 6m2 / hard particles and fibers contain liquid s of.

  Use: Magnetic melt pump extrusion zero leakage, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise and reliable operation, easy to use vertical. It can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, film photofinishing, research institutions, defense industry and other units pumping acid, lye, oils, rare and precious fluid, venom, volatile liquid, and circulating water equipment, filter support. Especially susceptible to leakage, flammable, explosive liquid was pumping, this pump is more ideal choice.

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