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Type of chemical pump

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The chemical pump is what kind of?
1. Chemical Use Classification:
Utility pump: including boiler pump, cold water tower pump, fire pump, water pump, etc..
Auxiliary pump: including lubricating oil pump, sealing oil pump, hydraulic pump, etc.,
Process flow pump: including feed pump, reflux pump, recurrent pump, scour pump, sewage pump, make up the pump, pump, etc..
2. to work principle classification:
Positive displacement pump: the pump cylinder body volume, the continuous transition of liquid delivery pump, the Tathagata to pump, piston pump, gear pump, screw pump.
Vane pump: through the pump shaft rotation to drive all kinds of impeller blades to the liquid with centrifugal or axial force, transport liquid to pipe or container, such as centrifugal pump, whirlpool pump, mixed flow pump, axial pump.
Other form of pump: there is the electromagnetic pump to control the liquid conductance of the electromagnetic transport, and the pump that manipulate the fluid energy to transport a liquid, such as a jet pump, air liquid lift, etc..

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