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What are the common faults melt pump extrusion?

  What are the common faults melt pump extrusion?

  1) melt pump extrusion aspiration is not a normal rotation to the stroke length of 100% position. This can make the whole member is rotated to the bottom of the backplane leakage discharge hole is aligned with the pump. Adjust fluid end and the diaphragm to the appropriate position during pump operation. The reaction time, the pulse duration may not be long enough. Relative to the standard pulse width 80msec, traffic monitor pulse width extension can be activated, increases the pulse width to 300msec. Activate intelligent switch, remove the fixed board cover, remove the jumper X-1. This will activate the extension, until the fault indication allow more time. Self-venting pump head installed melt pump extrusion, self-fill pipette. Keep the suction line as short as possible.

  2) Removable diaphragm melt pump extrusion diaphragm when removed old, often trouble. Now how to remove the old membrane to provide some additional advice.

  1, after the loose head, before removing the pump head, to adjust the stroke length of 0% position. Electromagnetic axis can guarantee sufficient pressure to maintain that it is secure, so that you can unscrew the diaphragm.

  2. Pull the hydraulic end so that the screw is disengaged from the jack. Seize the liquid end counter-clockwise. Slightly resistance, can unscrew the diaphragm.

  3, the measurement of chemicals in the hydraulic end may crystallize, causing check valve ball and seat is not working properly.

  4, the suction side of the melt pump extrusion may have a gas leak. The suction side of the hydraulic end connections may be missing O-rings or suction valve loose connection.

  3) traffic monitoring measure a high viscosity media, received the priming process flow fault indication signal, how to do to solve this problem? Head by loosening four screws, mobile liquid end. Rotary stroke length to 0% and to seize the fluid end, then slide out of the screw hole, then screw is not in contact with them, but also dominated the back plate and the diaphragm. Then counter-clockwise rotation of this part, slightly drag down from the electromagnetic diaphragm loosen the shaft. If the diaphragm is not loose in the contact surface of the diaphragm and solenoid shaft with some oil. After standing a few minutes, with a plastic hammer to gently tap the diaphragm. Then again in accordance with the above description.

  4) How to prevent the melt pump extrusion stroke positioning motor burn?

  1. Remove the four screws of the pump head. Screw position at the back of the melt pump extrusion.

  2, to see whether the installation of the drain pipe and drain valve closed? melt pump extrusion priming stage need to open the drain valve. Note: Not all of the melt pump extrusion has a drain valve. 3, installed in the diaphragm and backplate leakage after discharge hole in the vertical position, install the pump head. To ensure that the suction valve and leakage discharge hole aligned liquid end screws are aligned with the corresponding four holes.

  5) hydraulic pump flow metering smaller or inaccurate?

  1. Unscrew the three valve discharge valve.

  2, through the fill valve fully charge.

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