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melt pump extrusion advantages and heating

  melt pump extrusion advantages and heating

  Advantages melt pump extrusion of: melt pump extrusion adopted internationally as the most advanced continuous contact with the gear, the sinusoid composite tooth. Won a major national scientific and technological achievements, and by the State Commission of Science and Technology Progress Award. melt pump extrusion between two tooth profiles to point continuous contact, no phenomenon of trapped oil to thoroughly solve the involute gear pump due to trapped oil phenomenon cause pump vibration, noise, and other phenomena bearing the load increases.

  Therefore melt pump extrusion have efficiency, low noise, and has a good energy saving effect.

  Ideally melt pump extrusion heating methods should be electrically heated. Hot oil pipeline without interruption through the mold, the mold is heated from the inside, making molds for the production of state reaches. Because not only heat conducting oil, like water as cooling also functions as a heat exchanger as, mold temperature can be maintained within a certain range, the mold temperature can be appropriately maintained even if the production is interrupted.

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