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Influence of Lubrication State on Driving Torque of Meltblown Metering Pump

The internal rotating parts of the melt-blown metering pump, such as the driving gear shaft, the driven gear and the shaft, and the meshing gear, are directly lubricated by the melt entering the pump, and the internally rotating coupling is also lubr

How much output can a rubber and plastic extruder plus a chemical melt pump increase?

The main functions of the extruder plus the melt pump are: the function of voltage stabilization and boosting and the improvement of product quality. For the extruder plus the melt pump, it can provide output, mainly for the extruder with a long serv

What are the common heat treatment processes for melt pump gears?

BATTE is a melt pump manufacturer in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. It provides special extrusion melt pumps for the domestic plastic and rubber extrusion fields. Years of experience in melt pump RD and production have been recognized and feedbacked by man

Melt Metering Pumps for Heat-Sensitive Plastics

The melt metering pump for heat-sensitive plastics developed by Zhengzhou Batte (CE series melt metering pump), it can transport WPC wood powder composite materials, PVC medium soft, low density polyethylene, all TPE, EPDM, SBR and other media; heat

What problems does a melt pump solve for rigid polyvinyl chloride PVC?

The polyvinyl chloride melt pump is specialized in conveying, pressurizing and metering high viscosity polymers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC melt pump is mainly composed of pump casing, driving gear, driven gear, sliding bearing, front and re

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