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The melt pump extrusion gasket selection principle

The melt pump extrusion gasket selection principle is that for less demanding situations, empirically selected, and then the differences timely replacement. But for those demanding applications, such as explosive, toxic and combustible gases

Melt pump extrusion productivity features and role in social

In human history, according to the use of different production tools can be divided into several stages of development productivity. From ancient times, from lower to higher productivity in turn experienced the era of hand tools (including t

Zhengzhou Batte melt pump extrusion advantage

Zhengzhou Batte melt pump extrusion and melt pump with its high reliability and long life operation is known. The main technology advantages foot:

What are the common faults melt pump extrusion?

1) melt pump extrusion aspiration is not a normal rotation to the stroke length of 100% position. This can make the whole member is rotated to the bottom of the backplane leakage discharge hole is aligned with the pump. Adjust fluid end and

How melt pump extrusion Maintenance?

1. Repair the pump housing chamber: the pump housing cavity wear, in general, casement law cavity repair, upcoming cavity Boring big set with cast iron or after the steel liner. After casement, lining the cavity 2, Seat repair: pressure limi

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