batte melt pump

melt pump extrusion become more necessary, and more valuable

melt pump extrusion become more necessary, and more valuable.Melt pump extrusion is a positive displacement transportation equipment, precision gear clearance and volume structure designed to make it possible stable equilibrium extrusion.

melt pump extrusion installation

① pump should be installed horizontally, not upright, vertical mounting for the special requirements of the occasion, the motor must be upward.

Note the use of melt pump extrusion and applications

① due to the cooling and lubricating bearings melt pump extrusion is being conveyed by the media, so the absolute prohibition empty dynamic change, while avoiding the middle of a power outage before starting work caused no load operation.

Batte Machinery - pump type and control system

The use of foreign general melt pump material, the overall hardening technology, high wear resistant tool steel material, can be applied to most of the plastic extrusion.

Cause fever melt pump extrusion machine running

① cause the rotation of the reasons for poor melt pump extrusion melt pump extrusion can cause fever.   ② oil viscosity is too high or too low. Workaround - Re-election of oil.

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