batte melt pump

Plastic melt pump extrusion(ZB-B)

Plastic melt pump extrusion is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the high temperature and high viscosity plastic melt.So it is also be called plastic extrusion melt pump or melt pump extrusion for plastics.

Polymer melt pump extrusion(ZB-C)

Polymer melt pump extrusion is a type of extrusion gear pump for polymer,Which optimizes the extrusion process by allowing the screw to melt and homogenize the polymer with an accurate polymer delivery under varying polymer extruder output.The melt pump e

Melt pump extrusion for reaction kettle (ZB-K)

Melt pump extrusion for reaction kettle is mainly used for transporting medium or high viscosity medium out of the vacuum reaction kettle.Also called reactor discharge pumps on basis of large suction inlet flange design, the high viscosity medium is able

High temperature melt pump extrusion(ZB-H)

High temperature melt pump extrusion is extremely efficient at building high temperature and metering the polymer output.So it is also be called high temperature metering pump.High temperature gear pump extrusion has a closed-loop drive control to assure

Spinning pumps extrusion(ZB-U)

Spinning pumps extrusion is a type of metering pumps extrusion,Which for precise metering of polymer solution or melt and evenly delivered to the spinning head. It is also be called spinning metering pumps.

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