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How to Select High Viscosity melt pump extrusion

High viscosity melt pump extrusion is a kind of universal mechanical equipment with a wide range of applications. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, light industry, agriculture, civil and national defense and other sectors, and occupies an important position in the national economy.

At present, in various fields of national economy, due to unreasonable selection, many high viscosity pumps are in unreasonable operation, low efficiency and waste a lot of energy. Some high viscosity pumps can not be used at all because of unreasonable selection, or the cost of maintenance increases, resulting in low economic benefits.

The so-called rational selection of high viscosity melt pump extrusion is to take into account the comprehensive technical and economic indicators such as investment and operation cost of high viscosity pump unit and high viscosity pump station, so as to make it conform to the principles of safety, economy and applicability.

melt pump extrusion Selection steps

List the basic data:

1. Characteristics of medium: medium name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosiveness, toxicity, etc.

2. The diameter and content of solid particles in the medium.

3. Medium temperature: (C)

4. Required Flow

In general, the leakage of high viscosity gear pump in the process system must be considered when the process changes.

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