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Application and structure composition of melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials

Melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials is mainly used to process thermoplastic polymer melt with relatively low viscosity. It has been widely used at home and abroad and can be used in the extrusion molding of most material products. In particular, melt gear pumps for thermoplastic materials are widely used in precision extrusion molding fields such as biaxially stretched films, non-woven fabrics, coatings, wires and cables, multilayer composite films, and chemical fibers.

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The melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials mainly adopts the sliding bearing structure which is self lubricated by polymer melt, which is the remarkable structural feature of the melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials and also a main structural form of the melt gear pump. A complete melt gear pump device includes motor, reducer, coupling, control part and pump body. The pump body is composed of the main pump body, the front and rear side covers, the gear shaft, the sliding bearing and the sealing bearing. There is a temperature control jacket inside the pump body, which is used to precisely control the temperature inside the gear pump. "D" type sliding bearings are mostly used in melt gear pumps for thermoplastic materials. This is because the sliding bearings are simple in structure, easy to install, low in working noise and good in impact resistance. Moreover, thermoplastic materials are good lubricants, which can form a good dynamic lubrication film and can bear a relatively high load on the gear shaft.

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Advantages of melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials: it is also applicable under extremely low viscosity; Multiple sealing methods can be selected; Optimized tooth shape design, more stable transmission and minimal fluctuation; No dead angle runner design, no material residue; Optional wear-resistant configuration, suitable for high filling conditions; The heating mode is usually electric heating.

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