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stainless steel melt pump extruder for plastic granules

Twin-screw extruder and plastic granules melt pump combination of blending extrusion pelletizing production line, the use of melt pump can effectively reduce the twin-screw extruder own pressure building function, improve the twin-screw extruder production efficiency (twin-screw machine own pressure building function is poor, seriously affect the production efficiency). For twin-screw machines combined with melt pumps and extrusion heads for tubes, plates and films into a production line, it has the advantage of pressure building in addition to energy saving by simplifying the production process of extruded products and shortening the production cycle. With the twin-screw machine + melt pump configuration, it is particularly suitable for extruded products where the material needs to be blended and modified, and where the material must be homogenised to achieve the required product quality.

melt pump and screen changer for plastic granules

In this production process, it is generally carried out in two steps; in one step the raw material is blended and granulated, in the second step the granule is reheated and melted by additional equipment and then extruded into the product. In these two steps the melt is cooled to room temperature and then heated to the molten state for extrusion, which is accompanied by significant energy consumption. For extrusion equipment using granule machine melt pumps, this considerable energy consumption is saved in the traditional extrusion process, thus achieving high efficiency and energy savings.

Batte melt pump + double column screen changer for PU pelletizing lines

Batte Melt Pumps Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller of polymer melt pumps, melt discharge pumps, high temperature melt extrusion pumps and other products. They are widely used in production lines for chemical fibres, pelletizing, plastic films, sheets, plates, profiles, pipes, wires and cables, drawing and compound extrusion, etc. The materials that can be processed cover almost most polymer materials.


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