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Manufacturing discharge gear pumps
Manufacturing discharge gear pumps, Which is a polymer gear pump for the discharge of medium to high viscosity media from the reactor. The extra large inlet opening guarantees an even flow of product to the gearwheels even under vacuum.
Manufacturing discharge gear pumpsManufacturing discharge gear pumps
Batte manufacturing discharge gear pumps with either a round inlet port, by means of which the suction flange of the Gear Pump For Reaction Kettle is directly connected to the outlet flange of the reactor, where the pump is connected between the pump and reactor flanges, in order to achieve an even larger and shorter inlet port.
There are two types of discharge pumps:
ZB-F series reactor discharge pumps with heating system of conduction oil heating or biphenyl gas heating.
ZB-K series reactor discharge pumps with heating system of electrical heating.

Batte Discharge Gear Pumps Applications:
Batte manufacturing discharge gear pumps used for dacron, acrylic fibers, high strength plythylene, resin, medical, bingding agent, polyol, oil and other  industries. With the increasing development of mechanical industries, metering pump is increasingly accepted and applied by domestic.

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