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Improve chemical spinning pump metering machine installation accuracy

Batte professional spinning metering pump manufacturing enterprises, with professional processing equipment and advanced processing technology, to provide high-quality, high-precision spinning metering pump equipment; years of research and development of metering pumps, production, how to correctly install metering pumps to ensure that the metering pumps and spinning machine pumps Body panels do not misplaced, Zhengzhou, Bart gives the following two assembly methods, which is also the experience of many years of production practice.

1, positioning sleeve positioning method. In the process of spinning metering pump, into and out of the plastic hole is based on the two positioning holes for processing, at the same time, the two positioning holes is the assembly of the standard metering pump. Therefore, the metering pump pump board processing into and out of the plastic hole and the installation of threaded holes, the threaded hole at the same location with the metering pump processing of the two positioning blind hole (hole diameter than the positioning sleeve 0.05 mm-0.1 mm), and into, out of the glue hole and the positioning hole between the position and the metering pump to be consistent. In this way, when installing the metering pump in the spinning machine, the pump plate and the metering pump have the same positioning reference between them, as long as the positioning holes of the two are aligned, and the maximum of the two positioning sleeves of the pump ) To the direction of the pump plate is pressed, you can count the pump and the pump plate between the inlet and outlet of the glue hole aligned to ensure smooth. Then insert the two mounting screws into the holes of the positioning sleeve and tighten them according to the tightening torque, then tighten the remaining mounting screws. This method is often used in the installation of the highest pressure gauge pump.

2, screw positioning method. The use of spinning metering pumps for low pressure, because the metering pump does not have positioning holes and positioning sleeve. Meter into the pump, a plastic hole is to install holes in the two holes for the positioning of the benchmark processing. To do two special screws, the outer part of polished rod diameter larger than ordinary screws, generally smaller than the metering pump mounting hole 0.4 mm-0.6 mm, so the gap between the special screw and the mounting hole than between the ordinary screw and mounting hole Asked clearance small 0.2 mm-0.3 mm, so that you can play a role in positioning. Installation, the two special screws through the metering pump two mounting holes, screwed into the two mounting holes in the pump plate, and then tighten the other ordinary screws according to the tightening torque, unscrew the special screws into ordinary screws .

The above two installation methods are practical and effective in the actual installation process. The screw positioning method can also be applied in the installation of high-pressure spinning metering pumps, but not as accurate as the positioning sleeve positioning method. Bard domestic professional manufacturer of metering, metering pumps to provide equipment include: spinning metering pumps, melt metering pumps, gear metering pumps, etc.

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