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What are the causes of material leakage in the extruder melt pump?

If there is a leakage in the melt gear pumps of the extruder, first observe which position is causing the leakage, and the methods adopted for different leakage positions are also different.

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1. For example, if there is material leakage at the cover plate of the extruder melt pump, it may be caused by loose screws at the cover plate. At this time, it is necessary to tighten the screws.

2. When using a filler sealed extruder melt pump, material leakage occurs at the stuffing box, which is caused by the wear of the packing in the stuffing box. The specific method is to replace the packing.

3. When using a screw sealed extruder melt pump, there may be material leakage at the screw seal, which may be due to the water cooling ring at the shaft end not being cooled by cold water, or the screw seal groove being blocked, resulting in melt leakage. The method adopted is to circulate cold water through the cold water loop, cool the shaft end of the extruder melt pump, and disassemble and wash the components of the spiral seal.

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