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Why should a melt pump be installed on the precision extrusion production line of medical catheters?

For precision extrusion, metering feeding, hot melt pump, vacuum shaping cooling, online measurement, and traction cutting are all important links, which are related to the quality and output of products. Some manufacturers are unwilling to install melt pumps, believing that they have little impact on quality.

melt pump extrusion

Through practice, it has been proven that for high-precision extrusion production, melt pumps need to be installed and high-precision extrusion melt pumps need to be used. It is true that extruder screws can play the role of melt pumps for mixing, extrusion, pumping, etc. However, high-precision melt pumps can improve the stability of melt pressure, increase the head pressure, increase the output of the extruder, and ensure the quality of the conduit. This allows the screw of the extruder to focus on mixing and melting.


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