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What are melt metering pumps used for?

Melt metering pump is a special pump used for conveying molten media, which has the characteristics of high precision, high stability, and high reliability. It is mainly used for the transportation, pressurization, and metering of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melts, and after pressurizing and stabilizing the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder, it is fed into the extruder head at a stable flow rate. Its ability to stabilize melt pressure and flow rate is superior to various types of extruders.

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Specifically, the main applications of melt metering pumps in industrial production are as follows:

1. Stable output pressure: The melt metering pump can effectively reduce the material output instability and pressure pulsation caused by extruder parameters, ensuring the stability and continuity of the production process.

2. Improving product quality: By using a melt metering pump, the dimensional tolerance of extruded products can be minimized, thereby reducing waste and scrap rates and improving overall product quality.

3. Improving extrusion yield: The melt metering pump can reduce the pressure requirements on the screw, allowing it to extrude at high speed and efficiency. At the same time, it can adjust the back pressure of the extruder, reduce the residence time of the melt in the screw barrel, stabilize the plasticization process, reduce the melting temperature, and thus improve the yield and quality of the product.

4. Reducing unit energy consumption: Combining a melt metering pump with an extruder can significantly improve mixing quality and output. Compared to using an extruder alone, it can significantly reduce unit energy consumption.

chemical melt pump

Chemical melt metering pumps have been widely used in production lines such as chemical fibers, granulation, plastic films, sheets, plates, profiles, pipes, wires and cables, drawing, composite extrusion, etc. The materials that can be processed almost cover most polymer materials, such as PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PA, TPUR, fluorinated polymers, polysulfone, polyester, thermoplastic elastomers, rubber, and thermal adhesives. The melt metering pump, through its unique working principle and structural design, achieves efficient and accurate transportation and metering of melt media, providing strong technical support for industrial production.


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