batte melt pump

Working principle of melt pump

    The melt pump is a kind of positive displacement device, the flow rate is proportional to the pump speed.. Mainly by the pump shell, the active gear, driven gear, sliding bearing, front and rear end plate, seal. It depends on the displacement of the gear during the course of the meshing of the gears and the change of the working volume to transport the polymer melt..
    The working volume of the melt pump is composed of the pump body, the end plate and the gear of each slot.. Due to the eight hole of gear tooth tip and the pump body inner surface of the gap is very small, so the inhalation chamber and discharge chamber separated, when the tooth of the gear rotates, mesh point on the left side of engagement with gradually withdraw from the engagement, space increases, the formation of partial vacuum, and the melt is continuously sucked into the inlet cavity and filled with the alveolar space, rotation and figure of eight cavity wall formation sealing chamber do positive displacement movement so that the melt was brought to the discharge chamber, melt in two gear into the discharge chamber after mutual confluence, with gear continuous suction and discharge, reached the purpose of polymer melt conveying.

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