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Melt extrusion line application pressurized metering gear pu

  Melt extrusion line application pressurized metering gear pumps

  Chances are you have heard or read some articles about the introduction and application of melt extrusion lines pressurized metering gear pumps. The advantage of this pump installation concerned, and indeed there are many reports. However, for a specific process, gear pumps have what value? How real benefits and costs? How do you know? These questions are of concern to people.

  Gear pumps for the application of the extruder, this interest has been growing in the past decade, similar extrusion applications, especially in the film and sheet and so on. Of course, the real reason for this interest caused by the gear pump is able to improve product quality, increase production, reduce supplies, especially when the melt density or when the product changes.

  But how to get these benefits? This benefit of any kind of application and how much? How do you see these benefits on the production line? What you get in return? All these are our people when discussing this application The concerns.

  In this article, we will explore these and other related issues, and trying to explain this to a gear pump extrusion production lines are affected. We will focus on the transformation of the production line? That is how the original extrusion line to increase a metering pump after effects. Of course, as in the new production line has been designed into such a gear pump, which naturally benefits can be obtained, but the topic would in turn talk about it.

  In this article, we will PEP-II American Zenith gear pump plant as an example, illustrate the application of the principles and effects of the gear pump.

  ZenithPEP-II-type gear pump is designed for the production of polymers, in particular extrusion technology and design, its excellent performance can be used for a variety of process conditions, PEP-II pump has a pump in comparison with any existing on the market highest pump efficiency. Its newly developed materials for the manufacture of tool steel, and the use of whole body hardening process, in order to obtain a longer life and better bearing capacity.

  Zenith factory high hardness of the material handling process compared with other pump manufacturers, more sophisticated in terms of the size of the error.

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