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Melt pump extrusion connection How to choose?

  Our selection process, many customers how to choose the melt pump extrusion extrusion connections puzzled. We know that choosing the right transmission mode, the pump can not only high efficiency, long-term operation, and cost savings.

  Melt pump extrusion and motor are mainly: DC, CR, CL, CV, ZV, BD. Where DC is direct drive, the rest of the belt drive. Transmission for Horizontal pumps are: DC, CR, CL, CV, ZV; transmission mode for vertical pumps are: DC and BD. Now, let us distinguish the difference between a specific analysis and a variety of belt Transmission Direct Transmission between the belt between.

  Depending on the technical parameters, determine the different transmission mode. At a predetermined flow rate within the head range, determine the pump speed. Under normal circumstances, when the pump speed and motor speed are the same, we use direct-drive. Direct drive is directly driven, reducing the intermediate band connected equipment accessories, it has the following characteristics:

  1 reduced the intermediate transmission energy losses, high efficiency; simple operation, high reliability.

  2 reduced equipment intermediate links, thereby reducing costs and saving resources.

  When the pump speed and motor speed is inconsistent, we generally use the belt drive. Belt drives also applies to a two-axis center distance of more occasions, with the following characteristics:

  1 Drive smoothly; belt will overload slipping on pulleys, to prevent damage to the weak parts, play a security role.

  2 due to the impact of space layout, and other factors, so there is a different way of belt drive.

  CR Transmission: imports from the direction of the pump, the motor on the right side of the pump.

  CL Transmission: imports from the direction of the pump, the left side of the motor pump.

  CV Transmission: Transmission also known as back care. Motor fixed above the bracket and shaft attached. This transmission mode to save floor space. Pump and motor shaft ends on the same side.

  ZV drive: also known as the end of the belt conveyor frame. As the name suggests, the motor is fixed on the rear shelf pump, belt located between the pump and motor.

  BD drive: belt drive for vertical pumps.

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