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melt pump extrusion details

  melt pump extrusion details

  Film blowing machine for all imports from pump accessories (material selection aluminum alloy, quenched and tempered steel shaft, magnet wire polyester; polyimide; silicon;) blowing machine dedicated pump and precise balancing correction dedicated low-noise bearings, the motor runs more balanced and muted.

  - Pre-set shaft seals, and gearbox, gear when the mating connector, secure and reliable sealing performance.

  - Are of standard size and structure of security mode, with excellent interchangeability.

  Blowing machine dedicated pump Protection class:

  Motor enclosure rating indicates the motor protection in the following two areas:

  (1) to prevent human exposure to live or moving parts inside the motor and the ability to prevent solid foreign objects into the interior of the motor

  (2) ability to prevent water from entering the interior of the motor

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