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Extending the Service Life of High Temperature Melt Pump

In view of how to effectively maintain the daily use of melt pump, has a very rich experience. The following Lantai melt pump manufacturers on the specific analysis, to extend the life of high temperature melt pump, the specific measures taken.

1. Because the pump body of the high temperature melt pump runs at high temperature, when the high temperature melt gear pump is installed in cold state, it is necessary to install hinge support on the piping to prevent the piping displacement after heating up.

2. It is necessary to set up interlocking stop alarm at the outlet pressure measuring point of high temperature melt pump. The reason for this is that once the discharge pipe of melt pump is blocked, it is easy to cause damage to the pump body.

3. When starting a melt pump, when there is no pressure at the outlet, the speed should not be increased blindly to prevent damage to the shaft or bearing of the high temperature melt pump.

4. The speed-up of the melt pump should also be carried out slowly. The pressure of the front and rear of the melt gear pump should not be increased sharply, so as to avoid damaging the bearing or blocking the lubrication passage by the melt. The above points can effectively prolong the service life of high temperature melt gear pump and achieve greater production value.

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