batte melt pump

Detailed interpretation of metering pump structure

  Melt metering pump is a volumetric reciprocating pump capable of metering and transporting liquid medium. By means of reciprocating motion of piston or plunger in the working chamber of the cylinder (or periodic elastic deformation of flexible elements such as diaphragm and bellows in the working chamber), the volume of the working chamber changes periodically. Structurally, the working chamber is separated from the outside world by a sealing device. When working, the mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly transformed into the pressure energy of the transported liquid by the metering pump.

  The load on the mechanical transmission parts of the melt metering pump is alternating, and the instantaneous flow rate is pulsating; the pressure of the liquid in the inlet and outlet pipelines is pulsating due to the acceleration and deceleration of the liquid flowing in the pipe; the impact of the liquid inevitably occurs at the throttle and elbow.

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