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application of melt pump in plastic extrusion

Although the melt pump can not transport plastic melt, but its own melt plasticized, mixed material capacity is very limited. He is generally used in combination with a basic equipment with continuous melt plasticizing capacity. (1) Single-screw extruder and melt pump in series extrusion system Single-screw extruder and melt pump in series with the use of melt pump extrusion technology is a major area. The combination of a single screw extruder and a melt pump is defined as a "single screw-melt pump series extrusion system", referred to as "SP system". It is intended to emphasize the completeness and complementarity of the single-screw extruder and the melt pump, which is complementary to each other to form a new extrusion system. Single screw extruder is known for the plastic extrusion molding of the host device, its main function is the implementation of solid-state plastic continuous transport, melting, mixing, exhaust, the role of pressure, will be evenly plasticized Melt constant pressure quantitative extrusion molding die. The use of the melt pump and the measurement of the characteristics of it with a single screw extruder in series combination, you can form a new performance of the melt pump extrusion system. Its main advantages are as follows. ① stabilize the melt flow and improve the dimensional accuracy of the extruded products ② improve the melt mixing capacity and high yield ③ improve the extrusion process of the exhaust effect ④ other applications and benefits a. Reduce material consumption b. To achieve high content of recycled material extrusion Product c. Extend the working life of the extruder

In summary, the single screw extruder and melt pump in series, is to achieve precision extrusion of plastic products, an effective program. At the same time, this combination also provides a new way and room for improvement in the overall performance of the extruder. (2) with the twin-screw extruder and melt pump in series with the extrusion system with the twin-screw extruder and melt pump in series to form a mixing extrusion granulation unit. This can be removed from the twin-screw extruder to overcome the head of the resistance required to build the pressure function, and then the original length of the screw within the full set of mixing function section, so that the pressure function by the melt pump, so that the unit's Mixing quality and yield than the single twin-screw granulation unit significantly increased.

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