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ZB Series Biaxial Driver Melt Pump

ZB series biaxial driver melt pump can effectively enhance the power, stable output, it is important to reduce the wear between gears.
ZB Series Biaxial Driver Melt Pump
ZB series biaxial driver melt pump Characteristics:
1.ZB-B series biaxial driver melt pump extended version
2.mainly used for pressurized and stable flow extruder or high viscosity of the polymer delivery. 
3.Heating is mainly electric heating. 
4.The melt pump extrusion suitable for PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD, etc. process.
  Zhengzhou Batte melt pumps extrusion is a professional production and processing and custom manufacturers.
  ZB series Biaxial driver melt pumpTechnical Parameters:
   Origin: China (mainland) Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
   Brand: Batte
   Pressure: High
   Theory: positive displacement gear pump
   Heating: Electric heating
   Features: advanced technology and stable quality reputation first
   Applications: Suitable for PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD and other process
   Model: ZB-B, ZB-C, ZB-D, ZB-E, ZB-F, ZB-G, ZB-H, ZB-K, ZB-R, ZB-U, ZB-W, ZB-X
Technical Parameters    Operating parameters
Pump: high temperature tool steel
Gear: high temperature tool steel, nitriding steel
Plain bearings: high temperature tool steel
Seal: Spiral sealing, packing
Heating system: electric heating
Specification / flow range: from 0.5CC - 2500CC,
  0.5cm3 / rev - 2500cm3 / rev
Viscosity: ≤40000 Pas
Temperature: ≤400 ℃ (750 ℉)
Cleaning temperature: ≤450 ℃ (850 ℉)
Inlet pressure: up to 12MPa
Maximum pressure: up to 25MPa
Outlet pressure ≤40Mpa (6,000psi)

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