batte melt pump

Discharge Melt Pumps

Discharge melt pumps connected between the extrusion pump and reactor flanges pump, in order to achieve an even larger and shorter inlet port.
Discharge melt pumps can be used in the filed:
  Technical polymers: PET, PBT, PA, PC, PB
  Styrene polymers:GP-PS HI-PS, ABS, SAN, SB
  Acrylic polymers:PMMA
  Polyolefins: PP, PE
  High temperature thermoplastics:PEEK, PAI, PAEK, PSU, PI, LCP          
        Expandable polymers:EPS, EPP
  Special polymers:EVA, EVOH
 As a melt pump extrusion manufacturer,Batte also produce and sell gear pump extrusion,metering extrusion pump ,rubber pump extruder or polymer extrusion melt pump products. 

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