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What is a booster metering pump extrusion?

The booster metering pump extrusion enhance the mixing and dispersing of the ploymer as it is used between the screw and the extrusion, making extruder extremely flexible to meter high temperature or high pressure polymer.

Booster Metering Pump Extrusion Factors:
1. The melt heat, viscosity, latent, heat capacities and melting point at normal pressures, are necessary to calculate the heat required for the melting process.
2. Material Throughput the amount of material is a significant design factor. 
3.The booster metering pump extrusion inlet pressure is substantial by the static height of melt in the reactor.
4.loading melt into the melt pump extrusion system, each requiring different design characteristics.
High viscosity polymers need the booster metering pump extrusion for high temperature or high pressure melt. Batte Process Equipment, Thermoplast extrusion pump,Largest Distributor of Booster & Transfer Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, gear pumps extrusion, Drum Pumps, Extrusion Pumps.

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