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melt pump extrusion become more necessary, and more valuable

melt pump extrusion become more necessary, and more valuable.   
what is melt pump for extrusion?

Melt pump extrusion is a positive displacement transportation equipment, precision gear clearance and volume structure designed to make it possible stable equilibrium extrusion, chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, extrusions, pipes, wires cable, drawing, composite extrusion production line is widely used, and achieved good results.extrusion pump Housinghe melt pump is applied to all kinds of extruder, it makes the whole production line efficiency will be significantly increased, it is the main advantage of performance in any place, here is a look at it.
irst of all, the chance to reduce the size of the product to the smallest size, so that the unit weight of the material to produce more products, the size of the product is also very strict requirements, or the cost of raw materials will be more expensive, the use of solvent pump has become more necessary, and more valuable.
Heat resistant carbon steel, e.g. 1.6582 · rust-free stainless steel 1.4313 · with optional coating.
Extrusion Melt pump Wear-resistance Suitable for kinds of extrusion lines
Major advantages of a melt pump extrusion system
 1. Offers stable product extrusion regardless of changes in screw revolution.
 2. Speedy extrusion with highest dimensional accuracy.
 3. Allows high die pressure.
 4. Avoids excessively high compound temperatures.
 5. Considerable output pressures at high pressure.
 6. Avoids vent type extruder flooding.
 7. Versatile and retrofittable to all extruder lines.
 8. Minimum raw material wastage.

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