batte melt pump

Type of chemical pump

Batte's a professional production of the melt pump, gear pump (high temperature melt pump, gear pump for high temperature, melt gear pump, melt metering pump, high temperature melt metering pump) of the high-tech enterprise, the chemical pu

Working principle of melt pump

The melt pump is a kind of positive displacement device, the flow rate is proportional to the pump speed.. Mainly by the pump shell, the active gear, driven gear, sliding bearing, front and rear end plate, seal. It depends on the displaceme

Plastic extrusion pump production line advantages

The plasticextrusion pump has the following advantages in the production line: 1. can achieve stable extrusion, improve the size accuracy of the extrusion products, reduce the scrap rate. In the extrusion process, the material feeding quant

What is the pump?

A pump is a mechanical for conveying liquids or making a liquid booster.. The most common in the life is the pump, which is mainly used for the transport of water, this everybody is well understood. Now Zhengzhou Batte pump take you to unde

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