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Zhengzhou Batte teach you use the melt pump extrusion

Melt pump extrusion with steel material, is the ideal high-viscosity liquids transportation equipment. Asphalt pump / melt pump extrusion frequency of demanding action, the structure should be optimized direct drive type melt pump extrusion,

Melt pump extrusion connection How to choose?

Our selection process, many customers how to choose the pump connections puzzled. We know that choosing the right transmission mode, the pump can not only high efficiency, long-term operation, and cost savings.

Batte Melt pump for extrusion can transport a maximum temper

  Batte Melt pump for extrusion as a safe, reliable, professional HTM pump, can be used to transport a maximum temperature of 450 ℃ heat medium quality. According to different needs, the choice of forced water cooling structure type. T

How should melt pump inspection and maintenance?

1. daily inspection of the melt pump fasteners, such as: screws, etc. are loose, check the installation line interface and so on oil leakage. 2. check the oil seal, often clean oil seal, to prevent the impact of mechanical service life.

Type of chemical pump

Batte's a professional production of the melt pump, gear pump (high temperature melt pump, gear pump for high temperature, melt gear pump, melt metering pump, high temperature melt metering pump) of the high-tech enterprise, the chemical pu

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