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Hot Melt Glue Pumps

The combination of extruder and the hot melt glue pumps can improve the milling quality and quantity remarkably than the extruder alone. hot melt glue pumps extrusion can reduce unit energy consumption,but there may be some question in your melt pump extrusion producing line.

Hot Melt Glue Pumps
Hot Melt Glue Pumps Using Question:
1.A head pressure variation of 1% is roughly equivalent to an extruder output variation of 1-3% depending on the rheological behavior of the polymer melt
2.The pressure instability observed may be the result of solid bed breakup, feed irregularities, or a number of temperature instabilities.
3. In the extruder, melting and pressurization occur simultaneously, and inconsistency in either process will influence the extrusion producing.
4.There is not doubt properly designed extruder screws are capable of delivering melts to the gear pumps extrusion die at relatively constant pressure and temperature.
5.However, in many cases, surging is a significant problem, particularly at high screw speeds.
Hot Melt Glue Pumps Experimental Services: 
Batte owns self-contained laboratory where we could imitate the customers' manufacturing procedure and offer the experimental result for the customers' reference before purchasing the experiment.

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