batte melt pump

Hot Melt Pump Extrusion

Batte hot melt pump extrusion is mainly used in conjunction with gear pump extruders or kneaders. The hot melt pump extrusion uses a commercial hot melt adhesive gun to extrude. 
Hot Melt Pump Extrusion

Hot Melt Pump Extrusion Characteristics:
1.Hot melt pump is to precisely control output to the die. 
2.Melt pumps consist of two gears, usually driven by a single motor. 
3.The melt pump extruder fills the gears from the suction side , and the rotating gears discharge the polymer on the other side. 
4.The principle is that a well-made gear will have a very accurate profile.
5.As the gears turn they meter an exact amount of plastic on the discharge side. 
Batte hot melt pumps extrusion build pressure more effectively than a screw and provide more consistent pressure and volume of output than a screw.Besides this hot melt pump extrusion,Batte also supply thermoplast extrusion pump and gear pump extrusion.

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