batte melt pump

What is the pump?

    A pump is a mechanical for conveying liquids or making a liquid booster.. The most common in the life is the pump, which is mainly used for the transport of water, this everybody is well understood. Now Zhengzhou Batte pump  take you to understand not common in life, which is mainly used for industrial pump.
    In the industrial production according to different needs, transport is different, the pump is divided into many kinds, later we will mention in the article. Now that the principle of the pump, it will the original motive of the mechanical energy or other external energy transmitted to the liquid, so that the liquid energy increased.
    Pump is mainly used to transport water, oil, emulsion, suspension emulsion, acid-base liquid, and liquid metal liquid, but also conveying fluid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids. Pump can be divided into three types of pump, power type pump and other type pump according to working principle.. In addition to classification according to the principle of work, but also by other methods of classification and nomenclature.

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