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Spinning pumps extrusion(ZB-U)

Spinning pumps extrusion is a type of metering pumps extrusion,Which for precise metering of polymer solution or melt and evenly delivered to the spinning head. It is also be called spinning metering pumps. Spinning pumps extrusion structural precision, high accuracy, good repeat performance, widely used in medicine, detergents, paper, petrochemical, rubber, paints, polyurethanes and other fine chemicals and general chemical industries.
Spinning pumps extrusion(ZB-U)
Spinning Pumps Extrusion Features: Working gear module smaller number of teeth and more; high precision, reducing the flow of irregularity; spinning fluid timely valley full of teeth; structural precision, high accuracy, good repeat performance.

Metering Pumps Extrusion Cleaning Methods: calcination method, bath method (molten salt method) and chemical treatment method.

Spinning Pumps Extrusion Application: Suitable for chemical, chemical fiber, food, biological, pharmaceutical and other industries. Widely used in polyester, nylon, spandex, carbon fiber, Kevlar, PSA, high-strength polyethylene, acrylic, polypropylene, vinylon, acetate fiber, viscose fiber, additives, grease, paint, thickener and other precision measurement .

Batte melt pump extrusion is a professional melt pump for extrusion and processing and custom manufacturers.
Spinning Metering Pumps Technical Parameters:
Technical Parameters Operating parameters
Material for Melt Pump Body: High temperature tool steel or chrome-nickel steel
Material for Gear: High temperature tool steel or nitrided steel
Material for Sliding Bearing: High temperature tool steel
Shaft Sealing: Spiral sealing or packing sealing spiral and packing sealing or 
other combined sealing;
Heating System: Electrical rod heating
Number of Inlet: 1
Number of Outlet: 1
Outlet Pressure: 40MPa
Working Rotation Speed: 5-30rpm
Max. Differential Pressure: 35MPa
Operation / Working Temperature: ≤330℃ (Max. 300 degree centigrade)
Cleaning Temperature: ≤450℃ (Max. 450 degree centigrade)


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