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Extruder Plastic Ancillary Gear Metering Pump
Extruder plastic ancillary gear metering pump reduce the extrude pressure and working intensity, put off the abrasion of screw and screw cylinder.
Extruder Plastic Ancillary Gear Metering Pump
Advantage Of Using Extruder Plastic Ancillary Gear Metering Pump:
1. Improve the thermoplast extrusion pump stability and the tolerance of Extruder’s measurement.
2. Improve the flexibility of extrusion machine.
3.With melt pump the extruder can reduce scrap and the rejection rates.
4.Control the quality of melting,melt pump extursion stabed the plastication function, reducing the melting temperature.
5.Resolving the pressure fluctuation from the density of melt or the parameter of extrusion machine.
Extruder Plastic Ancillary Gear Metering Pump Types:
Melt Pump Extrusion body: Carbon steel preventing hot, stainless steel, Nickel-Chrome, Alloy Steel, CMP, high temperature tool steel,   titanium-tantalum alloy steel and pump body with coating.
Sliding bearing: Tool steel, silver-nickel, copper-aluminum alloy, CPM ,special material and bearing with coating.

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