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Pressurized Melt Pump Extrusion

Pressurized melt pump extrusion is mainly used for extruder or pressurization, stabilizing flow and transportation of medium or high viscosity polymer. 
Pressurized Melt Pump Extrusion
Pressurized Melt Pump Extrusion Features:
1.Volume Range: 0.5CC - 2500CC
2.Viscosity: ≤40000 Pas
3.Working Temperature: ≤400°C
4.Cleaning Temperature: ≤450°C
5.Outlet Pressure: ≤12MPa
6.Differential Pressure: ≤25Mpa
Our melt pump extrusion have been exported to India, Thailand, Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, U.A.E, Iran, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Russia, Australia, etc.We will appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of our gear pumps extrusion and services.

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