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Electrostatic technology of polymer melt pump melt blowing

Melt injection of polymer melt pump is a kind of technology to make non-woven fabric. It is a cloth formed by binding the fibers ejected after melting the raw materials. Add a layer of non-woven fabric which is easy to generate static electricity bet

Melt pump melt blown nanofibers

In order to spin nanofibers, the spinneret hole of melt pump is much smaller than that of common melt spraying equipment. When NTI can be as small as 0.0635mm (63.5mm) or 0.0025in, the spinneret plate of module structure can be combined into a total

Deformation Cause of Seal Surface of Melt Gear Pump

The deformation of the sealing surface is characterized by uneven wear on the end face of the moving ring seal, large wear near the inner diameter, narrow wear marks and serious linear contact. The main reason for deformation of sealing surface is im

User's misunderstanding of manufacturers ofhot melt glue pump

In the process of equipment sales, two prominent existences are high temperature melt pump manufacturers and users, who can come together to discuss cooperation matters after careful selection, so both sides should give each other sufficient trust, o

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