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Melt pump for underwater granulation of hot melt adhesive

Introduction to Pelletizing Melt Pump The melt pump for granulation is a universal extrusion system melt gear pump. Suitable for extrusion and transportation of polymer melts from low viscosity to extremely high viscosity; Generally installed between

Melt pump for TPU thermoplastic elastomers

TPU elastomer melt pump is a specialized extrusion system for rubber and elastomer melt gear pump, which is suitable for the extrusion and transportation of rubber and elastomer melts; Generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the di

Application, Materials and Characteristics of High Viscosity and High Precision Gear Metering Melt Pu

The high precision of high-precision gear metering pumps ensures the accuracy and repeatability of flow, making them particularly suitable for pulsatile precision metering applications in various solvents, strong acids, alkalis, and high viscosity me

Introduction to Temperature Control Technology of High Temperature Melt Pump

During the production process of high-temperature melt pumps, three important temperature parameters need to be monitored and controlled, namely melt temperature, pump head temperature, and melt pipeline temperature. High Temperature Melt Pump Among

Carrier tape extrusion melt pump

The melt gear pump used in the extrusion system, abbreviated as the melt pump, is suitable for the transportation, pressurization, and metering of various high-temperature, high-pressure, and high viscosity polymer melts. It is mainly used in polymer

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