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Closed-loop control design of polyester melt booster pump

The slicing and direct spinning of polyester melt share a melt transfer pump to transport the melt. However, for direct spinning, the flow and pressure of the polyester melt are difficult to control and cannot meet the process requirements. Therefore

Application of melt gear pump in polymer reaction process

Introduction of melt gear pump for polymer reaction process Melt gear pump is used in polymer process of various resin, chemical fiber, rubber and other industries; It can also be used in various petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other in

Can the melt pump deliver high filler melts?

The answer is: yes. The melt pump is used for melts with high filler content, which is extremely demanding on the performance of the melt pump. It is very abrasive for high filler content melts and also increases or decreases viscosity, which in turn

Influence of Lubrication State on Driving Torque of Meltblown Metering Pump

The internal rotating parts of the melt-blown metering pump, such as the driving gear shaft, the driven gear and the shaft, and the meshing gear, are directly lubricated by the melt entering the pump, and the internally rotating coupling is also lubr

How much output can a rubber and plastic extruder plus a chemical melt pump increase?

The main functions of the extruder plus the melt pump are: the function of voltage stabilization and boosting and the improvement of product quality. For the extruder plus the melt pump, it can provide output, mainly for the extruder with a long serv

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