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Application areas, flow ranges, operating speeds of melt pumps

Melt pumps extrusion provide accurate, consistent and reliable fluid metering for virtually all polymers used in the plastics industry, including: chemical polyesters, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic fibres, cellulose, spandex and many speciality fibre

chemical melt gear pump for twin screw extruder

The combination of co-rotating twin-screw and high-temperature melt pump technology realizes a new one-step process of polymer compounding and direct extrusion, which can significantly reduce costs, save energy and reduce the performance of polymer m

Typical applications of gear pumps in polyester production process - polyester melt gear pumps

The production process of most of todays plastics starts with crude oil. When we talk about crude oil, we generally think of the gasoline that comes from it. In reality, only about 40% of a barrel of crude oil is yielded as gasoline. In order to obta

What are the advantages of rubber and EPDM elastomer extrusion melt gear pump?

Rubber is a kind of polymer material with high elasticity. It is elastic at room temperature, and can produce large deformation under the action of a small external force. It can recover after removing the external force. Rubber products are widely u

What is the application condition of high pressure resistant series melt gear pump?

The high-pressure resistant series melt gear pump (H Series) provided by Zhengzhou Bart adopts long-life and heavy-duty gear design, which can meet the stringent requirements of high torque polymer extrusion applications. Whether it is used for high

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