What are the benefits of using extrusion melt pumps?
    The main function of the extrusion melt pump is to pressurize and stabilize the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder and send it to the extruder head. Its ability to stabilize melt pressure and flow rate is superior to various types of ext
    Improve chemical spinning pump metering machine installation accuracy
    Batte professional spinning metering pump manufacturing enterprises, with professional processing equipment and advanced processing technology, to provide high-quality, high-precision spinning metering pump equipment; years of research and developmen
    Melt metering pump frequency control method Notes
    Batte professional melt metering pump manufacturer, with many years experience in research and development of metering pumps, to provide users with a complete set of melt measurement programs to meet the needs of users of personalized production. But
    Single screw pump and melt pump combination, improve extrusion machine performance
    Single screw pumpand melt pump combination, improve extrusion machine performance ZhengzhouBatte believes that the appropriate combination of single screw and melt pump extrusion , to fully improve the performance of extrusion molding host, providing
    batte xps foam bord die
    xps foam bord die Special hanger structure XPS foam board die . In the die lip can be continuous unobstructed flow surface, with a small interval of the push-pull adjustment screw up and down the resin pressure metal to play a role in the flexible be
    cast film extrusion die
    Cast Film Extrusion Die with Flexible Modular Modular Distributor Multi-layer co-extrusion die with a variety of different materials coupled with a special single-pass die. Batte manufactures a variety of single or multi-layer coextrusion die , suita
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