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Low pressure and high flow pipeline booster pump

Melt booster pump, suitable for high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melt reaction transportation and pressurization with lower output pressure, such as in the fields of resin, chemical fiber, etc., used for installation in melt pipelines to a

The correlation between melt thermal degradation and melt pump structure

The thermal degradation of polymer materials can lead to a decrease in physical and chemical properties and a change in color. If these defects are caused by the melt pump, they are mainly related to the structural design of the melt pump. Firstly, t

The state of sliding bearings affects the working efficiency of melt pumps

The working state of the sliding bearing of the polymer melt pump should be such that a relatively uniform liquid film can be formed between the driving shaft and the inner surface of the sliding bearing. This liquid film can completely separate the

Application, Structure and Characteristics of Chemical Fiber Pump

Introduction to Chemical Fiber Melt Pump The chemical fiber Melt pump belongs to a gear type metering pump and is one of the key components on the spinning machine. Solid plastic melts the liquid at high temperature through the screw, and is pushed t

Installation and Use of Melt Blown Cloth Metering Pump for Extruder

1. Open the packaging of the extruder melt blown fabric metering pump and carefully inspect it. If there is any damage or component loss, please communicate with our company immediately. The melt blown metering pump is made of high-temperature alloy

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