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How to mark, package and store the metering pump

1. The manufacturers mark, pump model, pump working direction and factory number shall be engraved on the pump body and pump plate surface. 2. The rust prevention of the external surface of the metering pump shall be in accordance with FZ 90001. The

How to configure the PP metering pump in the melt blown fabric production line

The specific model of melt blown PP metering pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte is zb-m series, the model of melt blown mesh changer provided is zb-2mr series, and the width of melt blown cloth suitable for production is 600mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2400mm a

Two methods and measures of damping effect of melt gear pump

When the melt gear pump is used, because of the operation relationship of various machine parts, it is easy to vibrate. The vibration phenomenon will have a certain impact on the use of the melt gear pump, so it is necessary to do a good job in vibra

Electrostatic technology of polymer melt pump melt blowing

Melt injection of polymer melt pump is a kind of technology to make non-woven fabric. It is a cloth formed by binding the fibers ejected after melting the raw materials. Add a layer of non-woven fabric which is easy to generate static electricity bet

Melt pump melt blown nanofibers

In order to spin nanofibers, the spinneret hole of melt pump is much smaller than that of common melt spraying equipment. When NTI can be as small as 0.0635mm (63.5mm) or 0.0025in, the spinneret plate of module structure can be combined into a total

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