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Internal structure and characteristics of extruder melt pump

The extruder melt pump is mainly used for pressurization and stable flow transportation of extruders or medium high viscosity polymers. The main heating method is electric heating. Suitable for processes such as PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, P

What is the function of melt pump in extruder?

The melt gear pump mainly consists of a variable frequency motor, a safety coupling, a gear reducer, a cross universal shaft coupling, a gear pump body, a reducer lubrication system, etc. The pump body of the melt pump consists of upper and lower gea

What are melt metering pumps used for?

Melt metering pump is a special pump used for conveying molten media, which has the characteristics of high precision, high stability, and high reliability. It is mainly used for the transportation, pressurization, and metering of high-temperature an

What are the specifications and operating parameters of the high-temperature extrusion melt metering

Specifications and flow range: The specifications of the extrusion melt metering pump vary from small to large, ranging from 0.05cc to 30000cc. Output pressure: It can usually be adjusted within the range of 0 to 40MPa. Inhalation pressure: The sucti

Application and characteristics of rubber melt gear pump

Rubber melt gear pumps have a wide range of applications in the rubber industry, mainly used in the production process of rubber, especially in the extrusion and transportation of rubber melt. They are usually installed between the extruder outlet an

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