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Main application range of diaphragm metering pump

The main application scope of diaphragm metering pump is as follows: 1. all kinds of highly toxic, flammable and volatile liquids; 2. high temperature medium can be conveyed at 150 C. 3. strong acids, strong alkali and strong corrosive liquids. 4. as

Analysis of pressure characteristics of melt gear pump

As a professional melt pump manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou Bart melt pump manufacturer provides a new generation of melt gear pump, including: dual drive melt pump, enhanced melt pump, high temperature and high pressure melt pump . This article spe

The use of melt pump can increase the flexibility of extrusion system

The melt pump separates the extruder from the downstream molding equipment and makes it an independent unit without any influence on each other (to a certain extent). In the application of the extruder system, the melt pump has the functions of press

Advantages of polyester high temperature gear pump and shortcomings in practical application

Zhengzhou Batte provides a new type of polyester high-temperature gear pump , which is specially designed for transporting polyester solution and pressurizing equipment; polyester high-temperature gear pump has the advantages of compact structure, re

How to pressurized melt pump

At present, our company mainly produces melt pumps . In addition, there are metering pumps, gear pumps, melt metering pumps, melt gear pumps, high-temperature and high-pressure pumps and so on. So how to pressurize the melt pump? Next I would like to

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