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High-temperature extrusion melt pump application areas and structural composition of the material

Extrusion melt pumps are widely used in the fields of sheet, blown and salivated film, spraying, textile (fibers and nonwovens), EVA, compounding, pelletizing, and biodegradable materials. Under constant pressure, melt pumps have a lower shear stress

Application of plastic pelletizer melt pump

Plastic pelletizer melt pump is a widely used in plastics, rubber, chemical fiber and other polymer materials processing industry equipment, its main role is in the high temperature, high pressure conditions, the plastic raw materials for uniform mel

What are the criteria for checking the shaft seal of a melt pump extrusion?

The shaft seal of melt pump extrusion usually adopts packing seal and mechanical seal as well as the combination of the two sealing methods; the following four points are the inspection standards for the shaft seal. melt pump extrusion 1、The radial

Structure and composition of high-temperature melt gear pump

High temperature melt gear pump is a high-performance hot melt pump equipment developed specifically for special working conditions. Its structure consists of eight components, including the pump body, front cover plate, rear cover plate, driving sha

Why is the melt pump extrusion unable to discharge?

Reasons and specific solutions for the inability to discharge materials during the use of high-temperature melt pump extrusion: melt pump extrusion The reason why the hot melt pump cannot discharge: 1. The rotation direction of the high-temperature m

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