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Failure Analysis of End Face Seal of Floating Side Plate of Gear Pump

Melt gear pump adopts automatic compensation structure of axial clearance. The main failure form of end seal is serious wear of floating side plate, the clearance between side plate and gear end increases, and the volume efficiency of gear pump decre

Performance Requirements of Melt Pump for Casting Film Production

What are the performance advantages of the special melt pump for casting film provided by Zhengzhou Batte when applied to the production line of casting film? The melt pump manufacturer in Zhengzhou analyzed the basic performance requirements of melt

Faults such as insufficient flow rate of melt pump

Our companys new melt pump capacity is insufficient at the speed of 38r/rain, the actual output is only 78t/d, while the normal output should be 93t/d, so the machine is shut down again for emergency repair. The pump head was boiled at high temperatu

Detailed interpretation of metering pump structure

Melt metering pump is a volumetric reciprocating pump capable of metering and transporting liquid medium. By means of reciprocating motion of piston or plunger in the working chamber of the cylinder (or periodic elastic deformation of flexible elemen

Specific measures to solve side wall wear of melt pump

The volume loss of the melt pump is inevitable in the process of transportation, which mainly includes: (1) leakage of the axial clearance (that is, the end clearance of the gear). (2) Leakage of radial clearance. (3) Leakage of gear meshing point. (

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