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The function of adding melt pump in extrusion line

The main function of the melt pump is to pressurize the high temperature plastic melt from the extruder and feed the flow into the extruder head stably after stabilizing the pressure. The ability of stabilizing melt pressure and flow rate is better t

How to improve the efficiency and precision of extrusion molding by melt pump

Melt pump can improve the efficiency and accuracy of extrusion, mainly in the following aspects: 1. As a measuring device, it can accurately measure the flow of melt; 2. As a supercharging equipment, effectively improve the head pressure; 3. Reduce t

Failure of Stainless Steel Melt Pump

Among all the melt pumps , they are of excellent quality and have a certain special application range. But stainless steel pumps also have some unexpected faults when they are working, such as shutdown. It is necessary for us to analyze the main reas

What are the advantages of electric heating melt kettle pump

ZB-K electric heating melt kettle bottom pump developed by Zhengzhou Batte is mainly used to transport high viscosity media in vacuum reactor, and widely used in ABS, PS, PET, PP and other media. What are the performance advantages of the electric he

Installation and Use of Melt Pump

1. Packing of melt pumps should be carefully opened and carefully checked. If there is any damage or missing parts, please contact our company immediately. This pump is made of superalloy steel, all parts are heat treated with high hardness, so the m

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