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plastic filament extruding machine melt pump

The plastic filament extruder melt pump is one of the crucial equipment in the plastic processing industry. Its main function is to provide stable conveying pressure in the molten plastic state, ensuring that the plastic melt flows uniformly and cont

Tips for installing high-temperature melt gear pumps

The installation of high-temperature melt gear pumps generally adopts the method of drive motor+reducer+universal coupling+pump body. The motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation or servo speed regulation, and the speed of the melt gear pump

Method for Controlling Pressure of High Temperature Melt Pump

The pressure control of the high-temperature melt gear pump is operated by a complete automation system, which we call the melt pump control system. During equipment operation, certain materials are pressurized or depressurized according to their cha

PET extrusion melt pump speed control elements

In a continuous PET plant, the melt coming out of the final polymerization kettle is transported to the pelletizer and the corresponding downstream spinning system through the melt pump; in the actual production process, the speed of the gear pump is

Why does the HDPE sheet extruder production line need to install a melt gear pump

The melt pump provides pressure between the extruder and the mold, and can match the parameters of the extruder to provide uniform melt with increased output and strict tolerance requirements. It is generally installed between the outlet of the extru

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