batte melt pump

Gear Pumps For Extruder

Gear pumps for extruder are widely used in plastics, resins, rubber and chemical products extrusion. With the gear pump providing the pressure between the extruder and the die, extruder parameters can be configured to provide a homogeneous melt at increas

Recycled PET Extrusion Pump

Recycled PET extrusion pump is made of high temperature alloy steel.The recycled PET extrusion pump compensates for flow changes during screen cleaning and changing to provide uniform flow to the die.

Gear Pump For Rubber Extruder

Gear pump for rubber extruder main function is to rubber hot melt pump extruder from pressurized flow steadily into the extrusion head after the regulator. Its stable melt pressure, flow capacity than the various types of extruders.

Extruder Plastic Ancillary Gear Metering Pump

Extruder plastic ancillary gear metering pump reduce the extrude pressure and working intensity, put off the abrasion of screw and screw cylinder.

Pressurized Melt Pump Extrusion

Pressurized melt pump extrusion is mainly used for extruder or pressurization, stabilizing flow and transportation of medium or high viscosity polymer.

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