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Characteristics of S Series Control System for Temperature Melt Pump

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional manufacturer of high temperature melt pump , which provides high quality melt pump equipment for domestic and foreign users. How to effectively control the flow rate of melt pump in extrusion system needs professiona

Melt Flow Rate in Extrudable Thermoplastics

Who knows the melt flow rate in extrudable thermoplastics? The melt flow rate (MFR) in the properties of extrudable thermoplastics is a physical quantity that characterizes the molecular weight of the plastics. The test method is that the melt flow r

Application of High Temperature Melt Pump in Plastic Extrusion

High Temperature Melt Pump is the main function of the extruder from the high-temperature plastic melt pressurized, steady flow after the flow into the extrusion head. Its ability to stabilize the melt pressure and flow is better than that of various

application of melt pump in plastic extrusion

Although the melt pump can not transport plastic melt, but its own melt plasticized, mixed material capacity is very limited. He is generally used in combination with a basic equipment with continuous melt plasticizing capacity. (1) Single-screw extr

Melt pump sealing methods system

Melt pump sealing methods system has two sealing methods. They are dynamic sealing system and static sealing system.

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