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stainless steel melt pump extruder for plastic granules

Twin-screw extruder and plastic granules melt pump combination of blending extrusion pelletizing production line, the use of melt pump can effectively reduce the twin-screw extruder own pressure building function, improve the twin-screw extruder prod

Melt pump in XPS extruded foam sheet industry

The application of melt pumpforXPS foam sheet industry 1. XPS foam sheet specifications: (width mm * thickness mm) 60 * 2 60 * 2.5 60 * 3 60 * 3.5 60 * 5 60 * 10 2. the products: XPS insulation board raw materials: benzene modified material foaming m

PP PE PS ABS sheet extrusion melt pump

The melt pump provides the pressure between the extruder and the mold, and can match the parameters of the extruder to provide uniform melt with increased output and strict tolerance requirements. It is generally installed between the outlet of the e

Features of the Automatic Plastic Granulating Production Line and Function of the Adding Melt Pump

Features of automatic plastic granulation production line: 1. The main and auxiliary machines are used for supporting production, the heating temperature is stable, the molecular structure of materials is effectively improved, the permeability is enh

Precautions for daily use of melt pressure sensor of high-temperature melt pump?

The melt pressure sensor is the standard configuration of the high temperature melt pump, which is located at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump respectively. It is used to measure the melt pressure at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump to ensu

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