batte melt pump

Gear pump advantages

When melt pump and single screw or twin screw extruder are put into use with series connection, gear pump advantages of whole extrusion line will be improved significantly.

Polyefin compounding pumps

Polyefin compounding pumps compounding processes require gear pump that builds up the pressure after the compounder for downstream equipment. A gear pump is used in many hydraulic systems. Compounding pumps for polyolefine melt use special gearings w

We manufacture extrusion gear pump

Ever melt pump manufacturer in india or in China. The company manufacture extrusion gear pump can help customers optimize the process, so that extrusion lines can achieve the best quality and highest capacity.

The service life of the gear pump mechanical seal

The service life of the gear pump mechanical seal refers to the running time of the gear pump mechanical seal failure from the start of work until the cumulative. Mechanical seals failure are rarely due to long time prolonged wear. Actually, other factors

Chemical pump

Chemical pump is mainly used in the chemical industry, most in the machinery industry and chemical industry applications.

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