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lose relationship between plastic granulation production line and melt pump

The pelletizing process can improve the utilization rate of resources very well, because it is a good way to recycle waste plastics for reprocessing and reuse. The melt pump is a common plastic auxiliary machine in granulation process. The main funct

What are the highlights of the new melt gear pump

1. The two gears of the new melt gear pump rotate in the same direction, and the relative sliding speed of the teeth is lower in the meshing process. Because the meshing of teeth and teeth is the contact mode, and the number of meshing teeth is large

Extending the Service Life of High Temperature Melt Pump

In view of how to effectively maintain the daily use of melt pump , has a very rich experience. The following Lantai melt pump manufacturers on the specific analysis, to extend the life of high temperature melt pump, the specific measures taken. 1. B

Analysis of Gear Discharge Problem of Melt Pump

Melt pump is a new type of heating equipment, which can save energy and reduce emissions. The melt pump can supply 340 C temperature and 0.8 MPa working pressure, which is very safe and reliable. Zhengzhou Shuaiou melt pump is widely used in petroleu

High Pressure and Abrasion Resistant Melt Pump

Battes new generation of high-pressure, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature melt pump , its performance advantages are analyzed and interpreted from the following six aspects. 1. The pump shell of high temperature melt pump adopt

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