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Rubber extrusion lines
Rubber extrusion lines can extrude, cure, and provide final processing, finishing and take-off.Rubber extrusion processing machinery are of exceptionally high quality and will process multiple types of rubber tubing, rubber hoses, profiles, strips, sheets and cables.
Rubber extrusion lines
Extrusion gear pump for polymer keep the gear pump rpm constant, it is possible to influence the plasticising effect on materials by changing the screw pump.The constant rpm of the gear pump extrusion and monitoring and regulation of inlet pressure help overcome extruder pulsing.
Gear Pump Extrusion For Screw extruders:
Hose braiding production lines
Thermal insulation production lines
Silicone profile production lines
Rubber profile, hose and tube production lines
Ancillaries, extruder heads, take-off systems 

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